The Fight - by Jake Hamilton

1 Simple Change Could Transform Your Life and Your Marriage

This one simple change can transform the course of your life and your marriage.
Most people spend their whole lives chasing a version of themselves they can never quite grab a hold of. Like the morning mist or the attempting to lasso the moon, it slips through their fingers or it seems seem just out of reach, no matter how hard they try.

Do we need discipline, of course.
Do we need calendars, most definitely.
Do we need consistency and commitment, without question.
But first we need a small change that will give us the longevity that is required to see real transformation happen.

Here it is, learn to love the process.
If you begin to love the process, you don’t have to chase dreams, they come to you.
The transformation you are seeking in yourself and, in your marriage, unfolds without the striving and the disappointment cycles that have plagued so many of us as we have attempted to change.

We must let go of the life we thought we wanted so that the life we were meant for can find us. Many of us have made up a version of “success” or “self” based on what we have experienced, what others have told us, and what culture is feeding us. We can remove ourselves from that relentless cycle by simply putting one foot in front of the other today and do the small things that set our lives on the path we know is healthy and right for us.

We stop asking “Why am I not further along?” and start asking “What am I doing today?”

And here are the 7 core areas of the Masculine Life that we call “The Pillars”.

  1. Faith, what are you doing to grow spiritually?
  2. Family, how are you putting your family first intentionally, letting them know they are loved?
  3. Finance, what investments are you making for your future?
  4. Friendship, what time are you giving to relationships that will support the life you want?
  5. Fitness, are you eating healthy and working out regularly?
  6. Formation, how are you growing emotionally, psychologically, educationally? Keeping yourself challenged and thinking?
  7. Fun, how is play integrated into a healthy rhythm of your life?

This is about waking up everyday and becoming excited that you get to participate in the process of transformation in your own life and with each incremental change you become who you were always meant to become. This isn’t about “arriving” someday so that you can stop. This is about embracing the work. This is about showing up to the life you have every single day, to receive the life you always wanted even if you never see the fullness of it in your lifetime.

Yes you heard me right.

What if all the work, the consistency, the joy, found in the process is witnessed by those you love, the children, the spouse, the friends, and they change their lives, set new courses and dream new dreams because of your devotion simply to the process. You can’t change the world in a day, but you can begin to live in such a way that things you never thought possible arrive when you least expected them and in ways you could have never imagined.



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