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7 Simple Prayers to Pray for Your Children Everyday


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Praying for our children each day is a practical expression of our love for them that has powerful supernatural implications. This simple guide will only take you a few minutes each day and when you take time to listen and write down what you are sensing for your family after you do this, you will be amazed at what you hear and how it can prepare to respond and care for your children.

So take a few moments today to try this and I would encourage you to give yourself a realistic commitment to how many days in a row you can do this for your family. Men I encourage you to give this a week to 10 days and see what changes you see in your home and in your connection with your children.

All of these prayers are from the same chapter of scripture, John 17, the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus, his longest recorded prayer in the Bible and in true intercession we are taking the promises of God and offering them back to Him as an offering and as agreement that what He said is true.

  1. Salvation: May my children find the gift of eternal life. May you reveal yourself to them, the one true God, as they seek you. (John 17:3).
  2. Protection: Lord, in the power of the Holy Spirit, shield my children from physical harm and keep them safe from the grasp of the enemy (John 17:15).
  3. Transformation: Holy Spirit guide my children in the truth of Your Word that would be transformed by your presence, setting them apart from culture and the spirit of this age. (John 17:17).
  4. Communion: Father, draw my children closer to You through the sacraments, prayer, worship, and the word, that they may experience a deep and intimate relationship with You (John 17:21).
  5. Unity: Heavenly Father, unite my children in love, that they may be one as You are one and recognize the power of family bonds and generational inheritance. (John 17:23).
  6. Joy: Fill my children’s hearts with the joy of the Lord that their lives may radiate with the reality that only comes from knowing You, not just in big moments but in simple ways every day. (John 17:13)
  7. Marking: Mark my children and equip them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, empowering them to be bold witnesses of Your truth, as they proclaim the Good News to the world through the way they live and love. (John 17:18).

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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