Fight Weekend
NOVEMBER 21-24, 2024

Step into the raw, transformative power of FIGHT WEEKEND, where men will break from the mundane to embark on a life-changing initiatory journey. Crafted for those daring to confront their deepest truths, this exclusive event hosted by Jake Hamilton and the FIGHT CREW will show you a path to authentic manhood through radical vulnerability and connection.

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FIGHT Weekend - November 21, 2024

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FIGHT Weekend - November 21, 2024
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Nov 21-24, 2024

Dallas, TX

The FIGHT WEEKEND is open to men who want to depart “business as usual” and enter into a sacred space, known throughout tribal cultures as “initiatory experience”, where we can make agreement with our story and become acquainted with death. This is an opportunity to experience what it means to be a man: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There are no participation trophies, no medals for effort, there is no sensitivity training or tests of endurance; this weekend is about connecting your story to your life, the story God gave you and intended you to live with in all of it’s beauty and brokenness, it’s victories, and failures. There are tools for this, not just ideas and concepts that leave us feeling more shame and guilt about how we aren’t “doing enough” or simply aren’t “good enough”. We will dismantle these ideas and replace lies with truth, despair with hope, and loneliness with meaningful connections. So prepare yourself because when you arrive there will be no sitting on the sidelines, no spectating, you dive in head first, you risk, and when you do, we promise, you will walk away renewed, strengthened, challenged and forever changed by your experience.


We have designed an immersive and formative experience that will help you identify your pain, make sense of your story, and define a path forward all in the midst of like-minded men who are radically pursuing the same thing from their own unique perspective. We will be using tools from several experienced sources all with the goal of helping you fully engage your story so that you can confidently and courageously show up to your daily life. Every man will be required to bring a written 800 – 1200 word significant and marking story from their own lives that they will share in radical vulnerability before this group of men. You will receive more information and instructions for this assignment and preparation videos once you register. Throughout the rest of the day we will enjoy meals together, teaching, as well as local excursions that will provide some adventure and fun for our time together.


Your registration fee includes food and lodging for the weekend but DOES NOT include flights or your travel to the FIGHT WEEKEND location. There will be a private community set up for each FIGHT WEEKEND so you can coordinate with other men leading up to and following the event.

Time is ticking—secure your spot in this sacred rite of passage and awaken the story you were meant to live.


November 21-24, 2024

Where Is It

Dallas, TX