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Courage Course: Jesus’ Model of Biblical Masculinity



Register FREE and gain access to daily videos for 5 days focused on Jesus as the model of Biblical Masculinity. You don’t want to miss this powerful and practical exploration of Jesus’ humility, compassion, courage, integrity, and love. Let’s let at each of these briefly today and we will dive in deeper during Courage Course this week.


H U M I L I T Y: Jesus’ lifestyle of humility challenges societal norms of dominance and power, showing that true strength lies in humbly serving others. As men, we are called to “go first” is serving and sacrifice.

C O M P A S S I O N: Jesus didn’t just empathize with others he powerfully acted on their behalf, especially the vulnerable, the lost, and the marginalized, extending grace, healing, and comfort to those in need. As men, we are called to cultivate a compassionate heart, showing kindness and understanding to others regardless of our differences or disagreements.

C O U R A G E: In this life you will face suffering, injustice, and rejection. But the example of Jesus teaches us the importance of standing for truth and righteousness, even in the face of opposition or adversity. As men, we are called to have the courage to live out our convictions, to defend the weak and vulnerable, and to pursue justice and righteousness. By embodying courage, we inspire others to become who they were meant to become and stand for Christ in any and all circumstances.

I N T E G R I T Y: We are called to live with unwavering integrity, consistently aligning our actions with God’s will. Our words and deeds should be in perfect harmony, reflecting His divine character. As men, we are called to uphold high moral and ethical standards, honoring our commitments, and living with authenticity and honesty.

L O V E: Jesus epitomized sacrificial love, laying down His life for family, his bride and Gods children. His love was selfless, unconditional, and transformative. As men, we are called to embody this same sacrificial love, not only in romantic relationships but in all areas of life, extended even to those we might call “enemies”.

Throughout our FREE 5-Day Courage Course we will take a look at how we can practically live out Jesus’ model of humility, compassion, courage, integrity, and love in our everyday lives. These qualities enable us to cultivate deep and meaningful connections, while honoring God with our lives and impacting culture through our example.

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