The Fight - by Jake Hamilton
Manhood Course 101


There is only one way to get out of the brush and the weeds and get back on the path you were created for and that’s to let go of the need for life to be fair or comfortable. If Jesus is our model for masculinity than its to assess what his model actually looks like and stop making excuses for the places we have settled and start doing the work necessary to show up to our actual life, the story we were given.


The first step we need to take back towards the life we want is to be honest about where we are; body, mind, soul, and spirit. We have to take an assessment of these keys areas and explore what we are actually dealing with, where we have lied to ourselves and to others in order to maintain a false peace that is slowly decaying around us everyday because we have been unwilling to do the work.


The second step we need to take is responsability. We can not keep blaming people and experiences for where we are. Boys do this, not men. We have to embrace where we are (honesty) and use that raw material to begin to form the life we always wanted. We already let go of fairness and comfort so now it’s time to put our hands to the task of taking our life back and move from boyhood to manhood.


This is where the work really begins, choosing to sacrifice what I have today for something better tomorrow, even if I won’t see “tomorrow” for another 10 years. To embrace suffering is to embrace the way of the cross, the life of Jesus, the masculine mandate given by heaven, modeled by Christ. There is no other way. You can avoid it, reject it, repress it, ignore it, but it will still come, you can either choose it or let it choose you.

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