The Fight - by Jake Hamilton

A weekly gathering every monday night at 6pm, man talk mondays is a place to grow, share and discuss what it means to be a man, how to lead in our homes and in our families with dignity and humility and wrestle with how we become the type of men that can carry death and life in the same hand, not being defined by our scars but wearing them as badges of honor for that which we overcame. This group is dangerous, and it is not for the faint of heart.


This is not a bible study or accountability group, this is work, this is vulnerability, courage and a little bit of insanity all wrapped in an honest look at our story, not just the story we have been telling ourselves. The goal is to know ourselves and be known by others. The language will not be tame and may be offensive at times, so you’ve been warned. If you are not prepared for something like this, please do not sign up. Explore the courage course first and see where you are at, be honest with yourself. But if you have no other options and see no other way forward and you aren’t afraid of conflict and confrontation, or you desperately desire growth, then by all means….


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