The Fight - by Jake Hamilton
Sparring Sessions


Jake Hamilton has been leading and coaching in the church, in business, and in music for over 20 years. His goal in these sessions is to help you take an honest, in-depth look at your story and help you see what’s always been there and what is available to you. Every struggle is an opportunity for growth, every painful memory ripe with possibility.

You are more courageous than you’ve been told and stronger than you could have imagined.

The goal is to walk away from these sessions with encouragement and clarity and a deeper sense of why you operate, react and respond the way you do in your home and in the world around you. He is not looking to simply make you feel good, this is a sparring session, prepare to be “hit” and prepare to deal with your junk as Jake moves you towards learning how to take responsibility for your life and be honest with who you really are.


These sessions are for MEN ONLY, they are approx. 60 mins, and require at least 12 hours notice to book or cancel an appointment. There are no refunds and no exceptions for missed appointments.

If one of the time slots provide it does not work for you. Please email us directly at. and we will attempt to work around your schedule to the best of our ability.

BEFORE you decide to set an appointment please read the “Sparring Sessions Waiver + Disclaimer at the link below. If you agree with whats stated within please continue to setting an appt. You will be asked to agree with the waiver and disclaimer as a part of the Sparring Session Intake form.


“There is a time when a man simply hits a wall in his growth and needs some one on one conversation, a little push and maybe someone to question their motives or their methods. I used to tell the men I would meet that they sound frustrated and aggressive, that it sounded like what they really needed was a sparring partner, someone with whom they could learn a few new “moves” and say whatever they want without any cost to the relationship.” – Jake Hamilton

Jake Hamilton has been involved in coaching and team development in dozens of areas of business and ministry for over 20 years. He has given his life to see men become who they were created them to become in the fullness of their story. By using tools and techniques he has used and studied over his years in leadership he is hoping to help men engage in their story in order to the work of getting to “know themselves so that they may be known by others”. Our hope is that you will walk away from these sessions encouraged and challenged with practical tools for further growth and new found mercy for yourself and for others.

We believe that growth is not something that happens quickly or without cost. In order for these sessions to bear fruit you must be willing to “do the work” and together we can change the world one man, one marriage, one family at a time.

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