The Fight - by Jake Hamilton

Stop Acting Your Age

Laughter and play can keep the psychologist away, maybe.

You may have heard the old adage that laughter is the best medicine and honestly, there is some physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual reality to that statement. Laughing and playing together has a ton of benefits for your health and your relationships if you’re willing to stop acting your age.

Just a few examples from the research.

1. It is the quickest path to healing minor relational stress.
2. It helps you drop a grudge.
3. It helps bring you and your partner or family into sync.
4. It can help build trust and make others feel safe.
5. It helps you share your emotions in a contained environment.

Seriously, do the research.
If you stop trying to figure out how to make your relationships work and just play a board game, throw a ball, make some art, maybe you will enjoy one another, have some and be able to find the connection you have been looking for.

If you need ideas just search “Quarantine Olympics” on TikTok or “Family Olympics Ideas” on the internet and you will find more ideas than you will ever need. During the summer we have all out nieces and nephews at our home for 2 to 3 weeks and we put up a scoreboard and play dozens of games and the winner gets a small trophy. The games are so ridiculous you never know who is going to come out on top.

Remember, this is not about competition, it’s about connection so make sure the games keep everyone at an equal playing field and you are there to have a good time, not to win.

Especially as the father.

If you dominate and make no space for everyone else to win, you can be seen as a tyrant instead of king. What I mean is simply this, everyone knows you are big and can beat them, so when you serve them by allowing them to win you are modeling mercy and allowing everyone in the home to know how safe you are. This translates into all sorts of areas in your intimacy with your wife, connection with your kids and even kindness towards yourself because you don’t have to perform or be perfect.

So go on, find a game tonight and go play.

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