The Fight - by Jake Hamilton
Stop Living In Fantasy & Own Your Life Blog Post by Jake Hamilton


Becoming the man you know you were meant to become starts with accepting the life you were given. There is a massive difference between fantasy and vision; fantasy requires nothing of us but to sit back and “hope” it happens whereas vision requires daily transformative decisions to reach the life you want to live, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t sit around fumbling through the holiday season, prepare yourself for 2024 and get ready to take steps towards who you always wanted to become. Here are 3 steps towards owning the life you have and discovering the life that is waiting for you.

Truth: Commit to telling the truth and being honest with those you love and interact with every day, no more avoiding or skirting what you actually believe or how you actually behave. To live authentically is to align your life with your values and beliefs and learning how to assess your behavior regularly.

Responsibility: Begin to define with specificity your strengths, your weaknesses, your values and beliefs and then explore how they affect others and where you learned them. Reflect on your past choices and their consequences, acknowledging and accepting the role you played in developing the life you have. This will empower you to make positive change each day which allows you to become proactive and not reactive to your life.

Gratefulness: Gratitude is a practice that takes time to learn. You cultivate it in your life by taking the time to stop and appreciate what you have regardless of how you may feel about it in the moment. This takes us back to “truth”, accepting the reality of what is and not what you think it should be.

As you being to live in truth, take responsibility, and live gratefully you will see positive change in your daily life, your intimate connections, and your ability to connect with others. We have to stop blaming others for where we are and what we could have and start to make changes today that will impact how we live and love tomorrow.


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