The Fight - by Jake Hamilton

Stop Whining & Start Working


I have been traveling more than usual.

The fruit of travel is the people, the places, and the presence.

I have the privilege to encounter people from all different backgrounds, experiences, stories, all looking to engage with the Creator and all looking for some answer from beyond where they currently are to give them the needed perspective to make it through their current situations and circumstances. Our struggles, past, present, and future deserve to be held, to be seen, to be honored. What might seem simple to one person is deeply traumatic for another based on their family of origin, their personality, their gifts, talents, experiences, as well as the work they have already engaged with in order to make sense of the story they are living.

Each person is meeting the challenges of their life from a specific perspective but from a specific place, a unique plot of land they were born into or moved to at some point that can help or hinder the healing process, but either way it is a character, living and active in our story. The landscapes we look at, the people we encounter all shape the way we see ourselves, the world around us and God who created it all. There is distinct beauty everywhere if you are looking for it. Whether its the deserts of New Mexico, the busy frantic streets of New York City or London or LA, the cathedrals of Europe, or the mountain ranges I see each morning sitting in my backyard drinking coffee, beauty is there for us if we are looking for it. The Creator is being revealed in the dandelions fighting their way through the cracks in the concrete if we choose to see them and find Him in the midst of it.

He is the reason we even begin to look in the first place. Even if for just a moment, all of us look for that which is beyond ourselves and dream about a world beyond the wardrobe and what might be waiting for us on the other side of the veil.

That searching, that seeking is a part of the human experience and we all see Him from a nuanced and animated perspective that no one else in all of the world has. We can’t belittle it because it’s not celebrated in the way we wish it was. It’s ours and no one can take it from us and we realize that finding Him was the goal the whole time, everything else was just vanity masked in religious language to justify our ego pursuits. His presence comes with peace, a settling into our actual life and our frail human skin, not the life we wish we had or the life someone else is living, we find rest in Him in us. Thats the beauty of presence. We finally agree with Him that He knows what He is doing, He is not up there skipping over us for others who are more attractive, more charismatic, more gifted, more intelligent, He is giving me what I need, bread for today, not for survival but for sustenance. He is not giving me the leftovers of someone else’s journey, He is giving me the journey I was meant to live as long as my eyes are fixed on Him.

His presence is in the people we encounter and the places we inhabit everyday if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

At some point we have to stop whining and blaming and complaining about the life we were given, the choices we have made, the things others have done to us and point our hearts at something beyond our pain, our frustration, and our excuses. I am not minimizing what you have been through or where you are currently at but we all know that whining, complaining, and blaming never does any good, it stops our growth and blinds us the possibilities and opportunities right in front of us.

Stop whining, start working and see endless potential locked inside the story you are living everyday. Everyone is struggling in ways we can never see and even begin to comprehend, we are not alone. If traveling has taught me anything its that we are all in this together. Difference people and different places but His presence remains available for those who are keep looking, keep seeking, and keep searching. There is a break in the clouds at some point even if there is no silver lining.

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