Who We Are


Jake Hamilton started The Fight because, like us, he had no choice. We are a group of men like you, on the journey – believing and working for something better for our marriages, children, and the legacy we will leave behind.


What We Are All About

Our mission is to train men to fight for their identity, their family, and their legacy while destroying shame, depression, addiction, apathy, and isolation by helping them own who they are and discovering who they could be.


Where we come from

Our story begins in 2010 when our founder, Jake Hamilton, led worship for 17,000 people at Chicago's Allstate Arena, marking a career high. Yet, the next morning, his marriage was crumbling as his wife Nicci expressed her deep hurts and frustrations. There were no affairs or addictions—just a man overwhelmed by a demanding career, struggling to prioritize his family. This wake-up call sparked a journey of transformation and balance, laying the foundation for The Fight.

Values We Live and Die By

Death Before Death

Death is not an enemy it is an ally that leads us to the end of ourselves, in every area of our lives, where growth begins and new perspectives are found.

Courage Over Comfort

Comfort slowly numbs us to the life we're offered, robbing us of the adventures we crave and the risks we should take.

Healing Through Wholeness

We explore our story not to achieve perfection, but to integrate our experiences into the life we live today.

Power in Vulnerability

True transformation in a man's life requires transparency in the presence of other men on the same journey.


Jake Hamilton, Founder

Jake Hamilton is a creative entrepreneur, business owner, author, and globally recognized musician. As a dynamic communicator, he speaks in schools and stadiums worldwide, delivering powerful and often disruptive messages to men and marriages. His simple goal: "I want to spend my life throwing keys into prison cells."


The Journey To Biblical Masculinity

Biblical masculinity is not toxic. Looking to Jesus as the model, Jake Hamilton casts a fresh vision of Spirit-empowered masculinity that calls men to be who they were created to be. Preorder your copy today, and start living with purpose, clarity, integrity, and boldness!