The Fight - by Jake Hamilton

With gender roles in flux, the faith of our fathers in question, and little to no rites of passage for boys, we have been left with a deficit of true masculinity in our culture that has affected everything from marriage to education. This has left men feeling as if they have no place in the home or in culture. It is time for a reformation of confident and courageous manhood and a revival in the traditional family structure.

Men, you are not victims, you are victors and all that is happening around us is an opportunity not an obstacle for those who will embrace it.

The FIGHT exists to lead men on the journey of owning who they are and discovering who they could be by learning how to fight for identity, family, and legacy by destroying anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, negativity, conformity, and compromise. This is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and work to win the hearts of our wives, the dreams of our children, and the soul of a culture but it is possible, and you are not alone.


Join us for the journey and learn to walk the path of true masculinity for the sake of all those who will follow.

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