Fight Weekend

Spend three days owning who you are and discovering who you could be in a community of men on the same journey. Reclaim the life you’ve always wanted and learn how to fight for what truly matters.


What is Fight Weekend

Fight Weekend is your chance to leave business as usual and head into a sacred space with other men who want to engage with the journey of their lives and recover what they lost along the way. This isn’t a conference and it's not a retreat, this weekend will not be filled with motivational speeches, sensitivity training or tests of endurance to prove your manhood. This is a weekend that offers you intentional community, spiritual depth, practical tools for immediate application as well as a chance to play and remember the boy you once were. This is real work, vulnerable and ego destroying work, that will lead you back to the man you always wanted to become by training you to fight for your identity, your family, and your legacy while going to war against shame, depression, addiction, apathy, and isolation. Your future begins here, it’s time to do the work.

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November 21-24, 2024 • Dallas, TX


What to Expect

This will be a weekend that will transform you and challenge you from the inside out. Over the course of our few days together you will engage in deep, honest conversations about what it means to be a man with other men who desire to grow and discover what they are really capable of. You'll leave with intentional strategies to apply in your daily life, from managing stress and overcoming addiction to setting goals and maintaining a positive mindset. Surrounded by a supportive brotherhood, you'll gain the courage and determination needed to fight for your identity, family, and legacy. This is your chance to step up, step out, and start living in the life you always wanted.