Fight Night

Dive deep into transformation at FIGHT Night. Forge unbreakable bonds and discover your true strength. This is your journey to conquer and overcome.


What is Fight Night

Fight Weekend is your chance to leave business as usual and enter a sacred space with other men to recover what you’ve lost. This isn’t a conference or retreat. There are no speeches, sensitivity training, or endurance tests. Instead, you'll find community, spiritual depth, practical tools, and a chance to play and remember the boy you once were. This real, vulnerable, ego-destroying work will lead you back to the man you’ve always wanted to be. Learn to fight for your identity, family, and legacy while battling shame, depression, addiction, apathy, and isolation. Your future begins here. It’s time to do the work. This is the FIGHT.

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November 14-17, 2024 • Dallas, TX


What to Expect

Prepare for a transformative weekend that challenges you from the inside out. At Fight Weekend, you'll engage in vulnerable small group sessions to explore personal stories, enjoy great food and conversation in unique settings, and participate in thought-provoking large group discussions on masculinity, fatherhood, and family. Around the campfire, absorb ancient wisdom from mythological stories like Iron John and The Green Knight, and enjoy daily activities that remind us of the simplicity of childhood play.