Legacy + Fatherhood


This Course Launches on October 1

Every man will impact the world in some way and leave a lasting legacy on those he encountered. Some will leave a small but powerful impact on the lives around them living behind the scenes and unknown to many. Some men will leave larger more impressive looking impacts from platforms and through their ability to perform in charismatic and courageous feats, but neither is more significant than the other. The question we have to ask ourselves is “Am I investing what I have been given (whether small or great) into the lives of those I meet and those I claim to love?” That is what we are responsible for. The investment, over our lifetime, into the lives of others and as we grow in age we must learn to grow in wisdom and give our lives and lesson to those around us. We will not live forever, death comes for us all, but he is an ally, not an enemy, moving us forward on our journey, asking us if we are paying attention to the moments we have.
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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 8 Topics